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These seminars are designed to do three things:

  • Educate and inform U.S. developers, manufacturers, Economic & Community Development Councils (EDC/CDC), Chambers of Commerce, Early and Late stage research and development labs and all other U.S. entities that are interested in raising private equity and venture / investment capital for the purpose of creating, saving or expanding their U.S. commercial operations
  • Introduce International investors to U.S. investment, joint venture, intellectual property and technology exchange opportunities
  • Facilitate the exchange of capital investment and partnerships by working with the top U.S. and international professionals in the legal, securities and financial fields and assisting in collaborating and creating long term partnerships

These workshops are an exchange of ideas designed to prepare the U.S. firms for conducting business on a global scale working with the most qualified firms and professionals both in the the United States and Internationally.

Who should attend?

  • U.S. company executives seeking capital, joint venture & technology partnerships and agreements
  • Attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and other service providers to U.S. commercial entities
  • University Incubator & Research Labs
  • Economic & Community Public / Private Partnership Development Authorities
  • Chamber of Commerce Officials
  • Government Officials 

Who We Are

This Conference is being organized by which operates the website .  We have been involved in the EB-5 program since 2006 and in 2008 produced one of the first EB-5 seminars in the United States

2008 EB-5 Visa Seminar

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EB-5 China Media Initiative

USAdvisors / In the News is an effort to allow U.S. project managers, developers, EB-5 Regional Centers and issuers of securities to showcase their projects to an international audience in a manner that is compliant with U.S. Federal and State Securities laws concerning solicitation and general advertising.  The goal of will be to allow those seeking foreign capital to produce and place media in a library that is accessible to investors, their attorneys and advisors overseas to give them information on the U.S. project development.  This is not only useful at inception during the fundraising period, but also late to show the investors updated Project progress reports.

EB5 Exchange is an effort to deliver high quality material project information directly to investors, attorneys and advisors so that they can make informed decisions on which projects to invest in without the hype and misinformation so commonly found in EB-5 visa Project promotions by agents and promoters.   This Exchange will allow foreign investors an opportunity to speak directly with the issuers and their offices in an effort to make communication with the developers, owners and operators more direct and based on fact.  The goal of is to increase the signal of reliable information and reduce the noise created by the agents and overseas promoters.

The Exchange will also allow U.S. project developers an opportunity to find existing designated EB-5 Regional Centers who allow the use of their designation to fund outside development projects around the country.  This will allow developers who would like to build projects in multiple areas around the country the ability to find EB-5 Regional Centers who do license the use of their designation, so called "Rent-A-Centers" to learn about their geographical area, their fee structure, terms, conditions and operating methodologies.  This will create a more efficient market for Regional Centers looking for high quality, well managed and capitalized projects who are interested in creating jobs in their Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) to promote their Center as a hub for development while offering the developer, owners and operators a chance to see which areas of the country are covered by existing, USCIS designated EB-5 Regional Centers.