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Orlando Seminars

Past Seminars

  • March 04, 2012
    • Panels
      • Poolside BBQ and Refreshments

        Calendar2 02/16/2012 Clock2 05:00 PM

         Come join us in a poolside meet and greet social and get ready for an informative week ahead!

    • Speakers
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  • March 05, 2012
    • Panels
      • Session 1: The EB-5 Basics - Eligibility Criteria and Petition Process

        Calendar2 03/05/2012 Clock2 08:30 AM

        In this session we will discuss the basics of EB-5 practice.  We will start with a discussion of basic eligibility for an I-526...

      • Session 2: Building the Foundation - TEAs, Regional Centers, and Economic Studies

        Calendar2 03/05/2012 Clock2 10:00 AM

        Session Two deals with TEA’s, Regional Centers, and economic studies.  The program will begin with a brief discussion on Targeted...

      • Lunch

        Calendar2 03/05/2012 Clock2 12:00 PM

        Lunch presentation by Daren Di Nicola. escrow service provider NES Financial.  

      • Session 3: Hot Topics and Current Developments

        Calendar2 03/05/2012 Clock2 01:00 PM

        The third session will deal with current developments and hot-button issues in the EB-5 community.  We are fortunate to have a...

      • Session 4: EB-5 and Investments Through a Broader Lens

        Calendar2 03/05/2012 Clock2 02:30 PM

        The final session will contextualize immigration practice within the larger field of the Eb-5 program and foreign direct investment in...

      • Q&A with The Experts

        Calendar2 03/05/2012 Clock2 04:00 PM

        Questions will be asked to these experts regarding issues present in the EB-5 program and with USCIS policy.  

      • Overseas Funding Welcome Fireworks at Disney World (Private Event)

        Calendar2 03/05/2012 Clock2 07:00 PM

        IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, a mesmerizing fireworks, laser and water show featuring a rousing soundtrack, plays nightly for...

    • Speakers
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      • Boydfcampbell
      • Bob_gaffney
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  • March 06-07, 2012
    • Panels
      • Traditional & Non-Traditional Funding Options

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 09:00 AM
        Philip Marshal of Advantage Capital, along with Dave Maruca and Doug Anacreonte of Capital Placement Partners will discuss what encompass...
      • Marketing Your EB-5 Project- Where Immigration Practicalities and Securities Laws Intersect

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 10:30 AM

        This panel will discuss the realities of bringing an EB-5 offering from formation, through USCIS designation and then to market. ...

      • Lunch

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 12:00 PM

         Lunch hosted by NES Financial: Escrow Administration Solutions, EB-5 Investment Escrows

        NES Financial (NESF) Escrow Administration...

      • Overseas Funding: EB-5 & Foreign Direct Investment, Institutional & Non-Institutional

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 01:00 PM

         A discussion of the EB-5 and FDI funding

      • Securities Law: Distribution & Finder's Fees

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 02:00 PM

         This is a discussion of securities laws and finders fees.  What does the law say regarding who you can and cannot pay and how...

      • The Necessity for Due Diligence

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 03:00 PM
        Verne Bragg, Managing Partnerwith Grant Thorton will speak on the subject of due diligence. 
      • Non Traditional Funding: Venture Capital, Private Equity

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 04:00 PM

        Steve Lux, Managing Director of Stonehenge Growth Capital will discuss financing of early to late stage businesses through Venture...

      • Dinner

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 06:00 PM


      • Fitness and Volleball Friendly

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 07:00 PM

        We are hosting a friendly Volleyball Tournament at the Orlando Magic Sportscomplex and Training Facility.  More than just a gym,...

      • Sam Snead's Post Volleyball & Fitness Social

        Calendar2 03/06/2012 Clock2 09:00 PM

        Sam Snead’s Taverns are part of a fine family of restaurants that specialize in great food and quality service. The menu provides...

      • Economic Job Creation: The Cornerstone of the EB-5 Program

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 09:00 AM

        Economic job creation is the cornerstone of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor program; the approvals of Regional Centers as well as I-526 and...

      • Securities and Legal Entities

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 10:00 AM

        James Goldsmith and Clem Turner will discuss Reg S, Reg D, other relevant securities issues and the "private placement memorandum"...

      • Real Estate Structure and Tax Issues

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 11:00 AM

        Steve Polivy will discuss structuring the real estate investment and integrating the timing issues of EB-5 with the requirements of a...

      • Lunch

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 12:00 PM


      • Broker Dealer: Distribution and Placement of EB-5 and Other Securities Offerings

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 01:00 PM

        This discussion will be beneficial to USCIS-approved EB-5 Regional Centers, Regional Center applicants, project developers, business...

      • Introduction to New Markets and Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 02:00 PM

        Alan Pasternack of Kantor Taylor Nelson Boyd & Evatt will discuss New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) and Historic Rehabilitation Tax...

      • Risk Identification, Management and Transfer Using Specialty Insurance Products

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 03:00 PM

        David Souders will provide a presentation which will identify risks related to a capital raise and your options for mitigating these...

      • EB-5 Regional Center Operator Experiences

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 04:00 PM

         Hear from Regional Center operators and project managers about their experiences in running an EB-5 Regional Center, putting...

      • Akerman Senterfit Reception

        Calendar2 03/07/2012 Clock2 06:00 PM

        Akerman serves clients throughout the United States and overseas from Florida, New York, Washington, D.C., California, Colorado,...

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      • Barnhart_scott
      • Taher
      • Bob_gaffney
      • Kalmykov_lillian_kate
      • Michael_605
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  • March 08-10, 2012
    • Panels
      • "Your Marketing Sucks" and why it does not have to

        Calendar2 03/08/2012 Clock2 09:00 AM

         Marketing Guru Mark Stevens describes how to create an effective marketing campaign using ROI tools that he has developed through...

      • Live Agent Call

        Calendar2 03/08/2012 Clock2 10:00 AM
        Live Skype / Web conference calls with agents from overseas (China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Korea)
      • Speaking Their Language: Tell Your Story, Position Your Offering and Seal the Deal

        Calendar2 03/08/2012 Clock2 01:00 PM

         Communicating the excitement and possibilities of an investment opportunity to a global audience is challenging.  But it’s...

      • Keynote Address: Mark Stevens Author of "Your Marketing Sucks"

        Calendar2 03/08/2012 Clock2 07:00 PM

        It's Mardi Gras 365 days a year at this authentic reproduction of New Orleans' favorite watering hole. Pat O'Brien's® is the home...

      • Asian Real Estate Association of America Presentation

        Calendar2 03/09/2012 Clock2 10:00 AM

         Board Member Kathy Tsao of the Asian Real Estate Association of America will discuss their outreach efforts to educate their...

      • Utilizing Chinese Online Tools to Market, Sell & Joint Venture U.S. Projects to Chinese Investors

        Calendar2 03/09/2012 Clock2 11:00 AM

        Explore China internet market - the world largest online market and EB-5 immigration investment funding resource, To learn the...

      • Marketing U.S. Projects in Latin America

        Calendar2 03/09/2012 Clock2 01:00 PM

         South Florida based developer Rodrigo Azupura has developed and financed an EB-5 project using his  knowledge and connections...

      • EB-5 & India: Emerging Market

        Calendar2 03/09/2012 Clock2 03:00 PM

        India is now regarded as most important market in the world since economic liberalization started in 1991. However, this economic...

      • Culture of Chinese Investors from a Registered Investment Advisor

        Calendar2 03/09/2012 Clock2 04:00 PM

         Ying "Springna" Zhao, Chinese Registered Investment Advisor will discuss the culture of Asian investors from the point of view of...

    • Speakers
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  • March 10, 2012
    • Panels
      • Visiting LA Studios to film Commercials

        Calendar2 03/10/2012 Clock2 11:00 AM

         We will be taking a select group of participants to LA Studios to film their commercial presentation for distribution to a...