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New York Seminars

Past Seminars

  • May 16-17, 2012
    • Panels
      • Registration & Welcome: USAdvisors & Greenberg Traurig

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 08:00 AM

        EB-5 Funding Workshop Presented by Greenberg Traurig and USAdvisors.  This one day session highlighting the use of the EB-5 Visa...

      • Opening Remarks

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 08:30 AM

        Randy Johnson, Senior Vice-President for Labor and Immigration , U.S. Chamber of Commerce will open the Overseas Funding conference with...

      • Give me the EB-5 Facts, A No-Nonsense New-York panel

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 09:00 AM

        In 1990, Congress created the EB-5 program to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign...

      • So Someone Said You Should be a Regional Center? EB-5 Mechanics

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 10:00 AM

        Not every organization looking for capital wants to, or should enter, the regional center business full time. Learn what options are out...

      • Breakout Session 1: Legal Considerations in Construction Projects

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 11:00 AM
        • Managing Legal Risks on Construction Projects
        • Avoiding Defective Construction
        • The Critical Importance Of Construction Insurance

      • Breakout Session 2: Recent Trends in USCIS Requests for Evidence

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 11:00 AM

        What is USCIS really looking into at the I-924 stage?

        • Bridge Financing
        • Job Creation Issues
        • Targeted Employment Areas
      • Breakout Sessions 4: Insuring Your Regional Center

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 11:30 AM

        David Souders will provide a presentation which will identify risks related to a capital raise and your options for mitigating these...

      • Breakout Session 3: Exploring the Possibility of Other Government Incentive Programs

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 11:30 AM

        Partnerships with government incentive programs:

        • New market tax credits
        • Historic tax credits
        • New Jersey HUD credits
      • Lunch & Keynote Speaker Presentation

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 12:00 PM
        Leon Fresco, Staff Director for Senator Charles Schumer who heads the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border...
      • Securities & Legal Due Diligence Considerations, EB-5 Exchange Unveil

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 01:00 PM

        Having access to accurate business information about EB-5 projects in an SEC compliant manner is critical to investors, attorneys,...

      • Where Compliance and the EB-5 Program Intersect

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 02:00 PM

        This panel will discuss the realities of bringing an EB-5 offering from formation, through USCIS designation and then to market. ...

      • The Individual Investor Process

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 03:00 PM

        It is critical that your Regional center and/or project keeps its reputation above reproach- with the community, the USCIS and with...

      • Dangers and Pitfalls for the EB-5 Newcomer

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 04:00 PM

        Immigration and securities laws issue that sneak up on you as you go to market. This panel will examine issues relating to:

        • Keeping up...

        Calendar2 05/16/2012 Clock2 05:00 PM
        • Tenant Occupancy
        • Job shuffling/ Relocation
        • Chinese Currency Restriction Review
        • South Dakota and New Orleans lawsuits
        • Victorville and...
      • May 17: The Integration of Overseas Funding as a component of U.S. Startup, Angel and Venture Funding

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 08:30 AM

        The discussion for May 17th will discuss how international capital is funding U.S. early stage, seed and venture capital transactions to...

      • Utilizing Hindsight to Rebuild The Capital Markets

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 09:00 AM

        Dara Albright, Founder of NowStreet & Co-Founder of The Soho Loft Capital Creation Events

      • How regulatory changes have undermined the market of small cap stocks and IPOs and what is being done to improve our capital markets system

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 09:30 AM

        David Weild, Chairman and CEO of Capital Markets Advisory Partners and former Vice Chairman and executive committee member of The NASDAQ...

      • The Capital Markets of Tomorrow - Crowdfunding: A new Asset Class: Panel I

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 10:30 AM

        The JOBS Act: tossing out 80 year old securities rules and modernizing capital formation and how it got embedded into The JOBS Act:


      • The Capital Markets of Tomorrow - Crowdfunding: A new Asset Class: Panel II

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 11:10 AM

         Capitalizing with equity-based Crowdfunding

      • The Capital Markets of Tomorrow - Crowdfunding: A new Asset Class: Panel III

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 11:50 AM

        How Crowdfunding will Revolutionize Wall Street

      • Lunch

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 12:30 PM

         Crowdfunding Success Stories

      • Developing the Infrastructure of the PCM: Settling & Clearing Private Company Shares

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 01:30 PM

         Developing the Infrastructure of the PCM: Settling & Clearing Private Company Shares

      • The Capital Markets of Tomorrow - The Rise of The Private Company Marketplace (PCM) Panel II

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 02:30 PM

        How the powerful combination of new regulation & social media is fueling the expansion of The Private Company Marketplace (PCM)

      • Social Media and The Private Markets: The Symbiotic Relationship

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 03:10 PM

        The Social Internet: A discussion of where we are now in the Social Media space by Lou Kerner:  First social media analyst on Wall...

      • Social Media and The Private Markets: The Symbiotic Relationship II

        Calendar2 05/17/2012 Clock2 03:40 PM

        How to Invest in Viral Growth Companies

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