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Daren Di Nicola

Escrow Administration Solutions
EB-5 Investment Escrows

NES Financial (NESF) Escrow Administration Solutions provide Regional Centers and their clients with comprehensive, customizable, and fully compliant third party administration solutions for EB-5 transactions.

This innovative solution combines real-time, secure and fail-safe web-based technologies with advanced automated administrative processes. As a result, it offers an unprecedented level of administrative flexibility, funds security, regulatory compliance and transactional transparency. In addition, it is easier to implement and maintain than other available solutions. Whether it’s for a two investor project or a two hundred investor project, NES Escrow Administration Solutions lead the market in ease of use, risk mitigation and scalability.

EB-5 Made Easy

The NES Financial (NESF) EB-5 solution is providing Regional Centers and their clients with a streamlined process for escrow needs in their capital raise. The solution improves efficiency and lowers the costs for the Regional Center, allowing them to better serve their investors.

Automated and Proven Platform. NESF Escrow Administration Solutions are powered by eSTAC, a proprietary platform that safely administers and processes tens of billions of dollars annually for major U.S. corporations and financial institutions. This proven platform features advanced technologies making it easier to set up and manage complex multiparty escrow accounts, create an unlimited number of sub-accounts, generate and archive key documentation and provide an array of standard and customized reports.

More Visibility. More Oversight. All account activities, from bank account creation to sub-account transaction postings, are available in detail online for real-time viewing by all parties. Online document archival is available during every stage of the transaction, and documents are accessible online 24/7. Moreover, an automated workflow engine controls all the account administration processes, ensuring that no steps are missed and federal compliance requirements are met throughout the life cycle of the account.

Comprehensive. Cost Effective. Everything from automatic daily account reconciliation to generating year-end 1099 reporting information is provided in a streamlined and simplified system. Moreover, the NESF Escrow Administration Solutions are specifically designed to be up and running quickly, with seamless systems integration and functionality for lower implementation costs and higher ROI.

Key Features

Efficient Escrow Account Set-up at a Leading Bank. NESF works only with highly rated leading banks to maximize fund security. Funds are kept in fully liquid FDIC insured depository accounts to ensure the utmost in security. Our innovative platform allows greater flexibility and efficiency in Escrow set-up while preserving the integrity of the account.

Dedicated Client Services Staff. The NESF team is located in offices strategically distributed throughout the country. Our team has nearly twenty years of experience with innovative financial solutions.

Safety and Security of Funds. NESF is committed to providing the utmost in funds security during your capital raise. Our business practices and unique technology platform are designed to maximize security, transparency, and compliance, and annually subjected to a rigorous audit.

Online Account Visibility for Regional Centers and Investors 24/7. NESF provides unsurpassed levels of transparency through its highly encrypted, password protected web portal, which allows both Regional Centers and investors 24/7 access to real-time account information, anytime and anywhere.

Segregated Accounts for Investment and Fee Dollars. Not only increasing funds security, this also allows Regional centers to better maximize profit.

Additional features include:

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Account Reconciliations.

Funds Receipt Confirmation Letter Sent on Behalf of Investor

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Efficient Receipt of International Funds

Easy Know Your Customer (KYC) Process

Work With a Leader in Financial Security, Transparency, and Compliance

NES Financial (NESF) partners with leading financial institutions, law firms and corporations to provide transparent, secure and compliant third-party administration solutions for trusts, complex multi-party escrows and 1031 exchanges. Flexible, scalable and cost-effective, these solutions include proprietary state-of-the-art technology and outstanding client services, with subject matter expertise in banking, real estate, leasing, transportation and tax law. As a result, NES Financial has become a leader in third-party administration solutions for the legal profession, banking industry, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, with tens of billions of dollars processed each year.



Daren brings over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, specializing in corporate trust and escrow services. He comes to us from Union Bank where he served as Vice President and Business Development Officer. His previous responsibilities included developing new opportunities for corporate trust, escrow and custody banking products throughout the western region of the United States.

Daren’s enhances NES Financial’s expertise in trust and escrow services and allows NES Financial to better serve clients' business needs.