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Jason Li


Practice Areas
Securities & Corporate Finance
Languages spoken
Chinese (Mandarin) English


Cansine Exit Entry Co.

Jason Li

The owner and the president of Cansine immigration Consulting Group and the director of US China Investment Immigration Association (UCIIA). Cansine is a Beijing based emigration consulting firm that is licensed by the Ministry of Public Security of China.

Jason Li has been in immigration business for 18 years. With more than hundreds of employees and six offices in different cities in China, Cansine is one of the largest migration agent companies in China.

Jason Li is the key person on behalf of Chinese migration agent association to come to USA to choose the safe and good EB5 projects by doing the due diligent. The selected projects will be given to all of the members of the association to be promoted together in China. The member of the association cover about 60%-80% of the EB5 market all over China.

Mr. Li has B.Sc. and MS. degree in physics and he studied his Ph.D in Engineering Physics in University of Montreal and used to work as a scientist in National Research Council of Canada. He started his migration business in 1996 and he has a lot of experience in EB5 industry.