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    What We Do

    ILW.COM is the leading immigration law publisher. Our website has 50,000+ pages of free information on immigration law and 300,000+ monthly visitors. While our primary customers are immigration law professionals, immigrants and non-immigrants interested in immigration law and policy find this free information useful. We are a pro-American website that holds that immigration is a vital national interest of the United States.

    Here, at ILW.COM, it is our mission to inform and supply our readers with immigration law-related material and resources. Our flagship publication, Immigration Daily, is the first and only daily newspaper on immigration law in the world. We have 33,000+ subscribers for this free periodical. Our team at ILW.COM puts extensive hours into researching as well as updating our site to keep our readers well informed. Through our various blogs, articles, news items, books, seminars and other resources we make it easy to find the latest information regarding immigration law, and host a number of active communities including discussion boards, LinkedIn group, letters to editor and Twitter, to foster dialogs on immigration law. Please see the menu strip to the left and the links at the bottom of this page for information, communities and features of interest to you.


    ILW.COM was founded in 1995, by Bruce, Judy and Gordon Hake. The website was purchased by American Immigration, LLC in 1999. ILW.COM launched the first email newsletter in the immigration law field, Immigration Daily in May 2000. Our offices are located in New York City.


    Over the years, the ILW.COM team has included people born in many different countries, including Albania, Belarus, Barbados, China, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Georgia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philipines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and United States.