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Riviera Point Holdings

Executive Summary

Prepared by: RODRIGO AZPURUA 供稿人:罗德里戈∙阿兹普鲁阿 Fecha: August 2011 日期:2011年8月

Summary 项目摘要

The project is part of the Florida Regional Center EB-5 Investment LLC has already been approved by the USCIS for the EB5 program.


Professional Center at Riviera Point is a development project of approximately 70,000 sqft of offices in the City of Miramar, Broward County in the State of Florida and consists of 2 buildings of 4 stories each.

里维拉彭特有限责任公司专业人士中心(Professional Center at Riviera Point)

是一个位于南佛罗里达州布罗瓦郡(Broward)梅拉华市(Miramar)的商业房地产开发项目,占地约70,000 平方英尺,包括两栋办公楼,每栋四层楼。

The Project is located in Census Tract 1104.02. According to the current Florida Labor Market Statistics Center, this census tract qualifies as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA). Based on current data the area has a 17.00% unemployment rate.

该项目位于人口普查统计第1104.2区。根据当前佛罗里达劳工市场统计中心的数据,该地区具备成为目标就业区 (TEA)的资格。当前数据表明,该地区的失业率为17%。

Design and Approval 设计与审批  

The first stage of the project concerns the design and approval and is advanced by 85% as floor plans, elevations, plans are already complete and whole as 100% of civil engineering plans, the Community Appearance Board of the City of Miramar has already approved these plans, as well as the approval granted to the assembly drawing (site plan). Broward County has already granted permission to the environment, and also succeeded in obtaining a permit from the SFWMD water.

项目第一阶段工作与设计和审批有关,已经提前完成了85%的平面图和立面图设计以及100%的土建设计图。梅 拉华社区外观美化管理委员会 (Community Appearance Board) 已经审批通过了这些设计图和土建平面图。布罗瓦郡也已经发放环评许可,并成功获得南佛罗里达州水资源管 理局的许可证。

The second stage is the construction of the same and is estimated at 14 months from the issuance of building permits, which is schedule to be issued by December 2011.


The office market conditions in the area, the demographics of the population, location, access, visible from the site and other terrain features indicate the high likelihood of success in renting the total office space in the next 2 years after construction starts.

从项目所处位置和其它地理特征来看,该地区写字楼市场情况、人口分布情况、地理位置和交通情况,开工两 年后,该地区写字楼的总体出租面积很有可能大获成功。

The last stage is the management and park management and leased office, reaching the optimum point of the economic cycle where the property is sold and capitalizes initial investment with its revenues.


Job Creation 创建就业机会 

According to the Economic Analysis provided by Wright Johnson, LLC, the Project will create 441.7 permanent jobs. The Economic Analysis uses financial expenditures for the prediction of job-creation from construction and direct jobs as input for the prediction of job-creation from Project operations.

根据怀特·约翰逊有限公司提供的经济分析来看,该项目能创建 441.7个永久性就业岗位。经济分析报告凭借财 务支出预测了施工阶段能创建的就业岗位,并预测了项目经营活动所能产生的直接就业岗位。

The total job creation (441.7 jobs) created is sufficient for a project located in a TEA (34 investors or 340 jobs).


Purpose/N eed 目的/需求

The trade zone for the Office building is established as a 3 mile radius where our project has a market share of less than 7%. Net absorption for 2010 is almost 50,000 sqft. With the vacancy declining for the past year and having no new construction since 2004 the market in the region is in clear recovery.

办公楼的交易范围半径为三英里,我们这个项目所占市场份额不到7%。2010年的净吸纳量大约是5万平方英尺 。过去一年的空置率有所下降,且2004年以来一直并没有任何新建项目,当地市场明显开始复苏。 

Type of Investment Loan based 投资贷款种类 Riviera Point Holdings, Ltd. (the “Partnership”) will use EB-5 capital to loan money to Professional Center at Riviera Point, LLC (the “Company”), which will build, lease, and operate an office building in the Region.

里维拉彭特控股有限责任公司(即合伙企业)会利用EB- 5资金为里维拉彭特有限责任公司的专业中心(即本公司)提供贷款,用于本区域一栋办公楼的修建、租赁和经 营。

Investment Amount 投资额

The total development cost is $ 17,000,000,oo. The cost to complete phase 1 (one Building) is $8,500,000.oo of which developers already purchase the land free and clear in December 2010 for $2,200,000 and spent another $400,000 in soft costs and it keeps investing money into the development to get going and be able to keep shortening the time frame for construction and increasing the feasibility of Job creation within the 21months window of the Eb5 program.

开发总金额为1700万美金。完成第一期(一栋大厦)的成本为850万美金,2010年12月开发商已经用了220万美 金来购买土地,又再花了40万美金在软性成本上,开发商一直在往项目里投钱,以便可以缩短建筑工期,提高 在EB5项目规定的21个月之内创造就业机会的可行性。

Return 回报率 

The investment is for 5 years and the return is 3.5% per annum payable at the end of the term.


This is not an offer or a solicitation to invest in a security. Offerings will only be made pursuant to exemptions from registration requirements set out in applicable securities laws. This brochure is qualified in its entirety by the Project Private Offering Memorandum and Limited Partnership Agreement.

本文非证券投资要约或招揽。将仅依据适用证券法所载登记要求的豁免情况予以发行。本宣传册全文内容受项目私募备忘录及有限合伙 企业协议内容约束


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