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Key West Investments

 Key West Investments, LLC is a FINRA/SEC/MSRB -registered broker-dealer which provides quality financial services for individual and institutional investors including Brokerage Services, Wealth Management, Investment Advisory, Certificates Processing, Private Placement and trading platforms to cater our clients' needs.

We specialize in structuring Private Equity Funds especially Real-Estate Funds for global investors, and OTC Certificate Processing. Our representatives have years of experience handling Restricted Stocks, Rule 144, OTC market Securities...etc.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Key West will manage the IPO process by coordinating with different professional parties, conduct due diligence on client business, evaluating asset value and pricing. Based on clients growth potentials and future needs, KW designs and execute business plan with different financing options including debts restructuring and debt-equity convert.

Merger and Acquisition

Key West reviews clients business to identify potential merger and acquisition opportunities including asset purchases and dispositions, restructurings and reorganizations.  With its strong relationships with many of the US and China financial sponsors groups, KW carefully screen potential companies with growth potential and management commitment to ensure a successful M&A transaction. After in-depth investigations, KW will provide a short list of the best companies which fit into the clients criteria.  At the same time, KW cooperates with different professionals to assist clients with independent legal, tax and different financing options on M&A contracts.  


Private Placement

Key West performs due diligence and issues business plan for potential companies. KW works closely with auditors, appraisers and lawyers to execute plans on fund raising and designs financing structure. KW also represents clients to choose qualified investors in US and Asia. Since private placement can have a highly flexible financing structure, through private market fund raising to introduce potential investors. KW’s management team has professional expertise in private equities. We assist our clients to get investment from funds, financial institutions, and private investors with reasonable costs.


Reverse Merger

There are lots of solid small to medium sized companies whose growth is limited due to lack of access to the capital markets. Most of them are actively seeking ways to obtain financing in order to take their companies to the next level. Most of the companies may not qualify for IPOs. Therefore, the Reverse Merger offers access to the much needed growth capital. It is less costly, requires less paper work with the SEC, and has many advantages for a privately owned company to benefit significantly through access to the public markets.

Key West is a boutique investment bank and its management team has experience and expertise in taking companies public through the Reverse Merger process. Our services include access to public shells, capital formation and after market support to ensure a smooth transaction.

FINRA Series 3 Registration  -- Commodity Futures Examination

FINRA Series 4 Registration  -- Registered Options Principal

FINRA Series 7 Registration  -- Full Registration/General Securities Representative

FINRA Series 8 Registration  -- Branch Office Manager (NYSE)

FINRA Series 9 Registration  -- General Securities Sales Supervisor

FINRA Series 10 Registration -- Securities Manager 

FINRA Series 24 Registration -- General Securities Principal

FINRA Series 27 Registration -- Financial and Operations Principal

FINRA Series 53 Registration -- Municipal Securities Principal

FINRA Series 63 Registration -- Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination

FINRA Series 65 Registration -- Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination

FINRA Series 99 Registration --Operations Principal

California Insurance License