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I have just attended a fabulous conference in Orlando Florida on attracting overseas funding with the EB-5 program. The sessions were full of excellent content, relevant, and comprehensive. I met many wonderful people and I am convinced that programs like these are exactly the answer to the many issues we are facing as citizens of the world. I recommend this conference to anyone interested in being part of the solutions.

Cynthia Aikman, Business Development Specialist


The Overseas Funding Workshops seminar was extremely insightful and beneficial in gaining a diversified perspective of the various components involved in the EB-5 visa program. On a global scale, information was shared about the EB-5 processes; including the importance and roles of the economists, developers, financial advisors, attorneys, government, marketing and international investors to US markets. The program also included wonderful opportunities to talk with the panelist and participants.

Ellen S. Kief, Attorney at Law


I wanted to take a moment to write to you and tell you that your event was DIFFERENT in many ways, I left knowing I had experienced a very informative gathering of professionals as well as many great contacts in the world of EB-5 as well as other forms of Capital. You had EVERY facet of this type of business in one of the many panel discussions and speakers. Your effort to put before us a person and or business that represents Regional Centers, Immigration Attorney’s, Investor Brokers, Orlando Economic Development officials, Tax Attorney’s, Developers of many different types of property, Economist that explained the methodology behind job creation better than I have ever had it explained, Developer Brokers, Insurance specialist, Securities and Exchange specialist and of course the mix of these specialist being from every corner of the world was very beneficial, thank you for putting on this great conference.

Ron Wilkinson, Commercial Real Estate Developer


The EB-5 conference was very professional and included top-notch speakers and attendees. The contacts that I made were invaluable and I look forward to long and fruitful relationships with them. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this wonderful and informative event!

Lauren A. Cohen, Esq. (TN/ON)


Congratulations on another successful EB-5 conference in Orlando. Of course the content was excellent, but in addition your presenters were first class. As you know NP&G Innovations has been seeking funding. Your conference presented good solid information to help us move forward seeking foreign investments. The evening activities were spectacular, your attention to detail made your Conference both rewarding and enjoyable. All people involved, from staff to presenters and the university personnel were extremely capable and helpful.

Cal Nichols, President NP&G Innovations


Excellent forum to meet the leaders of the industry in one place.

Khalid Muneer, CEO Jupiter Properties Inc.